Yes! You're in!


The fun begins tomorrow morning!

Here's what you need to do to get started:

1. Block out time each day where you’ll set aside 15-30 minutes to conquer each lesson and assignment. Your daily lesson will arrive each morning at 6am EST.

2. While you're in your calendar, enter these times when I'll be live teaching and dishing out real-time feedback on FB:

*Brand Like a Boss: Monday, Dec. 4th at 1pm EST
*Audience Obsessed: Wednesday, Dec. 6th at 1pm EST
*Homepage Like it's Hot: Friday, Dec. 8th at 1pm EST

3. Get into the Facebook Group and complete your pre-challenge challenges.

4. Follow me on Instagram ( and comment on my last post with a 🔥 so I can find you and love up on your page.


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