The Lesson:

You want the right copy, not more copy. When someone lands on your page (before they scroll), they should see three things:

  • A headline: Describing your offering and who it’s for
  • A hook: Describing the benefits they will see when they buy in to your offering
  • A call-to-action: An instant gratification next step (should relate to head & hook)

The Assignment:

Bust out your favorite pen, it’s time to start creating.

  1. Draft your headline. Include who it’s for and what you do.
  2. Now, think out your benefits-driven hook. Emphasize results.
  3. Brainstorm on the call-to-action... what’s the natural next step you want the user to talk? Think instant gratification.
  4. Select just one call-to-action and outline what happens after the user clicks. What’s the payoff and how is it delivered?

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