The Lesson:

Now that we've got all the puzzle pieces on the table, let's start arranging them. To recap, we've got:

  • A headline: Describing your offering and who it’s for
  • A hook: Describing the benefits they will see when they buy in to your offering
  • A call-to-action: Instant gratification next step (and what happens after click)
  • About you: A short bio or mission statement (see Step 2; Question 7)
  • Social proof: Your preferred format (testimonial, publication list, etc.)

The final, optional piece:

  • Entry points: The top 2 or 3 ways you’d like your audience to engage with your site next. (Ex. Read the blog, Check out my services, Shop products)

The Assignment:

Outline your content and gather your resources.

  1. For every section, outline notate all copy & images.
  2. Gather any photos or images – include at least 1 photo of you for the About section.
  3. Organize all copy into a Word doc and spell check.
  4. Double check all copy to be sure it matches the tone outlined in Step 1; Question #4. Rewrite as necessary.
  5. Pop the bubbly! You planned your perfect homepage. That was hard work; be sure to celebrate yo’ self!

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