Meet Chris

Chris Emmer is a graphic designer and yoga guide based in West Michigan. 

From first idea to final execution, she is obsessed with guiding, facilitating and consulting the creation of small business. She's worked with yoga instructors, nutritionists, wellness coaches, massage artists, holistic healers (the list goes on...) to help these amazing people reach their audience in a professional and personal manner. 

She's a big believer in balance, variety, collaboration, and the fact that a little bit of sweat never hurt anyone. 

Connect with her on Instagram @sweatywisdom, on Facebook at SweatyWisdom, or visit her Etsy shop.

The Sweaty Story

Sweaty Wisdom began slowly, organically, and sheepishly in February of 2013. The catalysts were these A-HA! moments that would bubble up while really sweating my butt off in the middle of a particularly annoying half-moon or never-ending chair pose. To move past the four-letters words and self doubt in my head, I began mentally repeating phrases – whether they came from the theme of the practice or wherever my mind wandered to that day. These thoughts really resonated with me – so after practice, I would run to my car and jot them down in a crumpled up notepad I kept in my glove compartment. 

My Graphic Design background told me to make something out of them. So I started a blog (, as a dumping ground for these thoughts, where I would post phrases in simple typographic layouts. Eventually, a following developed. 

I had someone request one of my designs on a mug and thought – why the heck not. Sweaty Wisdom is the product of a lot of listening – so please, keep talking to me. I've found that collaboration, wisdom, and authenticity are what works best... and I can't wait to see what happens next.


Some nice people said nice stuff. We blushed.  Some adventurous people let us write articles. We busted out the pen. Some amazing people sipped coffee from our mugs. We smiled. 

The mission is simple. 
Do what lights you up and pass the spark.