A high-quality pic of your FACE for your avatar
A keyword searchable tagline
A quick read description that breaks up your text with emojis and line breaks
A clear call-to-action pointing towards your clickable link
A clickable link with a clean URL


Decide on a cohesive visual theme that you can apply to every post AND that feels true to you and your brand. A few ideas to get you started:
Applying a series of the same filters to every pic (ex. @sooukdotcom)
Using a white background every third photo to create a gutter column (ex. @mysimplegram)
Using a particular series of colors in a row to create visual stripes (ex. @sweatywisdom)


Three ways hashtags can work for you:
Getting found in the hashtag feed (probably in the most recent, so don't use a hashtag that's too big)
Use branded hashtags (for brands that you love and use in your day-to-day life)
Use event hashtags for events you're participating in (like #socialmediawithsoul)

Get in that hashtag feed and interact with others! 


The only way to measure success on social is through engagement and the best way to get engagement is to engage. 
Go to the hashtag feed for #socialmediawithsoul and interact with a few accounts (likes, comments, follows, etc)
Comment on 5 posts from accounts you've never talked to before
Then, head to a hashtag feed that your target audience uses and do the same
 (ex. if you're a smoothie bar, you might look in #organicfood or #farmersmarket)
Comment on 5 posts from accounts you've never talked to before

The bottom line? What you want for yourself – that's what you should put out there. It's social karma.


Instagram is nothing if not a peek behind the scenes at who we are and a great opportunity to humanize brands.
Today, your assignment is to show your lovely face (#sorrynotsorry).
If the thought of a selfie makes you cringe, there are a ton of other ways to represent yourself in a photo.Get creative!
Remember, we're humanizing your account, so make the caption meaningful to you.