The Top 5 Best SquareSpace Templates

SquareSpace templates can be confusing. It’s easy to get distracted by shiny objects, example photography, really slick type and well-written headlines. We can easily get swept away in how beautiful each template is. However, this is NOT the best way to select your template. The best way to select is by covering the features and functions you need to have, rather than thinking about the stylization or the surface level design elements.


You want to think about the structure – the bones – when you’re thinking about the template.

Since this area can get a little murky and I want to be as clear as possible with you, I’m going to give you my top 5 favorite, most-used and loved SquareSpace templates.


The Top 5 Best SquareSpace Templates - 2017 Guide -

1. Galapagos

This is a great template for online stores with minimal fuss. Fewer controls and tweaks, so less to worry about. It has a simple, beautiful structure and is great for e-commerce.

  • Several different product layouts
  • On-hover image options in the shop

2. Five

This is a flexible business template with beautiful simplicity and a full width photo feature. It’s really customizable and great if you want a lot of options.

  • Up to two sidebars
  • Full width banners
  • Customizable navigation. 

3. Montauk

Montauk is elegant, simple, and clean. The focus is on the content – this is great option if you want something minimal that features your copy or images.

  • Customizable site header
  • Grid-style index page
  • Page banners
  • Special footers

4. Pacific

This features full width images, beautiful scrolling, showcases gorgeous visuals well.
*Side note: this is the template that I use.

  • Parallax scrolling
  • Full bleed banners
  • Fixed navigation
  • Customizable shopping cart button
  • The only bummer: there's no built-in blog sidebar

5. Brine

The Brine family is new, sleek and awesome. It's definitely the hottest template right now. I recommend this if you have no idea where to start.

  • Customizable mobile styles
  • Content inset
  • Parallax scrolling index page
  • Multiple navigation areas
  • Super modern, beautiful blog page
  • Note: within the Brine family, people also love Rallye

Your template controls the bones (the features and functions) of the site, while the style editor handles the visual design elements (colors, fonts, etc.).

The structure is controlled by the template; the surface level design is in the style editor. Once you select the template, it’s a pain in the butt to change. The style editor, on the other hand, can be changed at any time with pretty much no hassle whatsoever.


In this post, I’m just covering my favorite templates for websites. There are two template categories on SquareSpace: websites and cover pages. 

  1. Websites: exactly what you’d think it would be. A fully fleshed out webpage with multiple subpages you can navigate to from a homepage.
  2. Cover pages: a single page site. Can be a standalone page or a landing page for a more robust site.
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If you are using SquareSpace right now, let me know what template you’re using – if you’re happy with it or if there are struggles. Let’s get a convo going!


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