Easy Beginner's Meditation for Stressed Entrepreneurs

Having a rough week? Filled with nervous energy or anxiety? Overwhelmed by your to-do list? Me too. Let’s take a few minutes to feel better.

We live in a productivity-obsessed world. Between FitBits counting the steps to the bathroom and our work e-mail popping up on our iPhone while we’re enjoying dinner, it can feel tough (at it’s worst, flippant) to make space for quiet.

Here’s why you can DROP that guilty feeling, ASAP.

Even a few minutes of meditation provides:

– Increased focus
– Reduced anxiety
– Increased creativity
– Reduced stress
– Increased memory
– Reduced pain
– Increased compassion
– Reduced depression
– Increased productivity

Sold yet?

Basically, by giving yourself five minutes of stillness, you’ll return to whatever you were doing with better, more creative ideas, as well as a calmness and sense of ease in yourself (feel free to forward that to your boss).

Let’s start here. Set a timer for five minutes (or three, or one, your pick!) and follow this:

  • Breathe in while you count slowly to 5

  • Hold your breath for 3 seconds

  • Breathe out while you count slowly to 8

  • Hold your breath for 1 second.

  • Repeat until the timer goes off

When your timer dings, take a big inhale through your nose and a huge, cleansing exhale out of your mouth. Gently lift your gaze.

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Ahhh… don’t you feel better already?

Inhales increase your heart rate and exhales slow it down. Because of this – at anytime you’d like, you can stimulate your body’s built in relaxation response by simply lengthening your exhalations. Phew.

Focus on breath centers the mind and allows all those other rushing thoughts to simply fade away. This allows you to return to your natural, innate ability to give yourself exactly what you need and tap into that inner awesome.

How did it work for you? Sound off in the comments below.