How to Schedule a Facebook Live

Imagine this: you’ve got your lights perfectly set up. Your office is clean, your lipstick is on point, and - holy crap - you even changed out of your yoga pants today! You’ve got your itinerary by your side and you’re confident in your talking points. Your 100% ready to go live on Facebook to share a valuable lesson with your audience. You hit “Go Live”. Lights, camera, action… and no one shows up. 

Your heart sinks. Did I actually do my hair for this?

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To be honest, no one showing up to your FB Live probably has nothing to do with you and your content (and that lipstick looks great on you, seriously) and a whole lot to do with what you’ve done or not done in the days prior to your Live. 

When I started scheduling my Live sessions a day or two ahead of time, my number of participants went from just-my-Dad to 50+ engaged, commenting viewers.

When you schedule a Live, an announcement post will be posted to the feed to tell your FB fans about your upcoming broadcast. From here, they can opt in for one-time reminder notification that will alert them shortly before your broadcast begins. 

Scheduling a live video makes it easier to build anticipation and buzz with your audience before your broadcast begins, so you can start strong with an audience already assembled.
— Peter Roybal, Facebook Product Manager

Here’s a step-by-step guide to scheduling your next Live session so you can hit the ground running:

1. Go to Publishing Tools.

Once you’re in Publishing Tools, select “Video Library” and then “Live.”

2. Copy your stream credentials (like your stream key and server URL).

If you’d rather find the credentials closer to your live, you can also find them by editing the post in Video Library.

3. Write your announcement post.

Make it engaging and informative description so your followers know exactly what they’ll get when they show up. You’ll be able to update the description later if you want to.

4. Finalize.

    1. Double check everything and add any finishing touches (like adding a custom image) before you schedule your broadcast.

5. Share. 

Include the link in an email to your list to increase the amount of people joining (more info on how to do this here). Why the heck not?


Now, your job is to sit back and prep for your highly attended Facebook Live session. The better this Live is, the more people will attend the next one (#nopressure), so give it your all! 


I’m rooting for you. ;)

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Have you gone live on Facebook? If yes, how did it go? If no, what’s holding you back? Let’s start a conversation in the comments below!

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