How To Grow Your Email List Using Quizzes

Do you remember those awesome quizzes in Seventeen magazine in the 90s? I pretty much skipped all the articles (except to cut out pics to collage on my trapper keeper, duh) and tore through the pages to get to the beloved QUIZ section. Whether it was "What's your flirting style?" or "Find the perfect lipstick for your astrological sign", I was all in. I'd grab my fave gel pens, ride my bike to my BFF's house, and revise our answers over and over until we got the answer we were looking for (anyone else?). What is it that we love so much about quizzes?

How to Grow Your Email List Using Quizzes – – Lead Generation Email Marketing Social Media Small Business

There's something about a quiz that's irresistible, though now it generally manifests in the form of a "Which pizza topping is your soul mate?" quiz on Buzzfeed.

We love quizzes because we love customization.

Think back to the shampoo aisle – would you rather buy Pert Plus or Herbal Essences for Blondes with Oily Scalps? I don't know about you, but I go for the customized version every dang time. 

"They made THIS just for ME? Sooooo nice..." I naively think while passing my money hand over fist to the cashier.

How does this relate to your biz?

Ohhhhh, I'm so happy you asked, you smarty pants. This relates to – bum, bum, bum – your EMAIL LIST. 

I’m no Anna Wintour, but I’m predicting the next major trend in lead generation.

Where in the past, checklist, PDF guides, and ebooks have reigned supreme... in the future, we’ll be seeing an influx of quizzes.

My advice? Get ahead of this trend and start growing your list today. Here’s how:

1. Do Your Research

If no one wants to take your quiz, it won’t do you any good. You’ve got to get in conversation with your target audience to get the real talk on what they’re struggling with to know where you can be the most helpful.

Here are a few great ways to get in the brains of your audience:

    How to Grow Your Email List Using Quizzes - - Facebook Groups for Small Business Social Media marketing
    1. Do a poll in your FB group

    2. Stalk some FB groups where your target audience hangs out

    3. Create an IG story with a poll asking what they’d most like help with

    2. Decide on a Topic

    Analyze the results of your research and select the topic your audience most wants help with. From there, you can start creating the actual content of your quiz. Think through:

      1. How many outcomes will there be?

      2. What can you share that will be helpful and is related to your results?

      3. How will your results make the audience feel? Hint: we love quiz results that make us feel fabulous.

      4. What do you want the tone to be: playful or serious? 

      3. Craft your Questions

      You can ask willy nilly fun questions all day, but you’ll need to be collecting at least a little info on your audience to give them a result that will make them say, “That’s SO me!”:

        1. Make sure at least half of your questions directly point towards specific results.

        2. Add in some fun questions to spice it up! Think “What’s your spirit animal?” or “What’s your theme song?” to keep people interested.

        3. Mix up the question type: include some images or GIFs to break up too much text.

        4. This is a great opportunity for collecting audience data… don’t be afraid to throw in some data-mining questions.

        5. Keep it short and sweet. 10 or less questions is a great sweet spot.

        4. Create the Quiz

        I’ve tested out #allthethings when it comes to quiz creation and Interact was the best, by far. I love it because:

        1. It’s easy to use. You don’t need to be super tech savvy to create a quiz quickly. I made mine in one afternoon.

        2. It integrates with everything – I can directly connect my quiz to ConvertKit so that quiz takers are automatically added to an email sequence that’s customized for their results.

        How To Grow Your Email List Using Quizzes - - social media marketing facebook marketing social media management small business

        5. Share, share, share

        No one ever signed up for a secret. If you want people to participate, you’ve got to tell them!

        So put on your big girl pants (or LBD, whatever brings out your inner Beyoncé) and get ready to pimp that quiz. 

        1. Start by following up with the audience you listened to during the research phase. 

        2. If you created a poll in your FB group, comment on that poll with the link.

        3. If you noticed the need in another FB group, create a post there sharing your link.

        4. The more you share, the more your list will grow – but make sure that it’s to the RIGHT people, not just any people.


        Lead with fun, lead with value, and watch your leads BOOM.

        Ready to get started? Start now by making your first quiz with Interact and ConvertKit.

        Have you tried a quiz yet? How did it go? Be sure to share your quiz with me in the comments so I can show it some love!

        Chris Emmer

        Graphic Designer / Branding and Social Media Strategist / Yoga + Meditation Guide / Your New BFF.

        West Michigan based, small business + wellness obsessed.