3 Ways to Make Money from Your Website

Think of your webpage as you’re number one employee. She works for you 24/7 - she literally doesn’t take a break… AND she doesn’t drink all the Lacroix out of the company fridge. Your website non-stop performs for you. Your website is the number one way that you can make money in your sleep. Maybe for you it doesn’t feel that way right now. Maybe your website feels more like that freelancer who won’t stop showing up and you’re pretty sure he’s napping in his cubicle.

3 Ways to Make Money from Your Website - Free Plan Your Perfect Homepage ecourse - sweatywisdom.com

When your brand and website don’t feel like something that you’re proud of, it can have a big impact on your business.

You let big opportunities pass you by. You’re not sure what to say when you get invited on someone’s podcast and they ask for a link to share with their followers. You kind of hide out in the dark.

It’s about damn time for you to step into the light and start owning your own incredible, unique offering. It’s time for you to start glowing when you talk about your brand and feel proud to send people to your website.

Here are my top three ways that you can make money from you website without having to do a dang thing.

1. Offer an opt-in freebie

I know, I know… I said MAKE MONEY, not “give away from stuff”, but bear with me for a minute here. Offer a form people fill out where they exchange their email address for a valuable piece of information. Generally, this is seen right in the hero space of a landing page. This is a great way to welcome people to your website and warm them up. Think of it like handing them a glass of champagne when they walk in the door of your party.

By gathering leads and growing your email list, you’re able to begin communicating with your potential clients and customer one-on-one on their own terms (in THEIR inbox). Once you begin talking to them one-on-one, you can start conversations and create connections that will jumpstart the like-know-trust cycle and skyrocket your business.


Practical Ideas:

  • Five minute meditation download

  • Checklist to prep you for your first marathon

  • Guide to Instagram for Etsy shop owners

2. Book consult calls

Your website can integrate directly with a booking service (I use Acuity, some people love Calendly). When a potential client is on your site and is warmed up to the idea of working with you, you can spark them to take action by offering to hop on the phone. By connecting directly to a booking engine, they get instant gratification by being able to book on the spot. The best part? You won’t have to touch a single part of the process. It works the same way for booking larger service based offerings, like coaching calls or brand audits.

Practical Ideas:

  • 15 minute health consultation

  • Hour long website audit

  • 4-week coaching package

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3. Sell products

If you have a digital product like an e-book or meditation, you can set it up so that people can purchase and immediately download directly from your website, without you having to touch a DANG thing. Pretty awesome, right? If you’re selling a physical product, you WILL have to be involved in the shipping part of the process (unless you do drop shopping, but that’s a different story for a different day).

Practical Ideas:

  • E-book

  • Yoga videos

  • Online course

Those are my top 3 ways to start making money from your website. To recap:

1. Offer an opt-in freebie to grow your email list.

2. Book calls.

3. Sell a product, physical or digital.

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How do you use your site to make money? What have you tried in the past? Let me know in the comments below!


Chris Emmer

Graphic Designer / Branding and Social Media Strategist / Yoga + Meditation Guide / Your New BFF.

West Michigan based, small business + wellness obsessed.