The Top Five Mistakes Business Owners Make When Preparing for Maternity Leave

Top Five Mistakes Business Owners Make When Preparing for Maternity Leave | Mompreneur, fempreneur, pregnancy, female business owner

More and more of us are kicking the 9 to 5 to start our own businesses. While this is great and provides us with a ton of flexibility in our lives, it doesn’t prep us for what to do when we need time off. And, yes, I mean off off – as in logged off completely. One of these circumstances is maternity leave. It’s crucial for a new mom to take proper leave to restore and nourish herself (not to mention figure out how to keep a tiny human alive). Today I’m sharing the top five mistakes business owners make when prepping for their maternity leave.

  1. Assuming you don’t need time off.

    • I know, I know. It’s more common than you’d think. We live in a culture that prioritizes the crap out of productivity and, let’s be real, that mindset can run DEEP. 

    • As much as I’m sure you’re a badass workhouse warrior queen, this is one circumstance that you 3000% should not “power through”. If you do, you’ll regret it later (I do) and never get that time back.

  2. Not giving yourself enough time off or flexibility.

    • Motherhood is a full-time job. Figuring out how to care for a tiny human when you yourself need caring for is like TWO full-time jobs.

    • Yes, there’s a chance you may feel amazing and ready to hop back in – but give yourself grace and space to heal. You won’t regret it.

  3. Skipping proper on-boarding.

    • If this is your first time hiring for your business, it can be very overwhelming. It’s not as easy as posting “we’re hiring a rockstar!” in your favorite podcasts FB group. Take the time to find experts you can trust so you can have peace of mind.

    • If you’re building a support team, pad out time to make sure it’s a fit, go through a full onboarding of processes and systems, and try working together BEFORE your due date. If it’s not a fit, you’ll want to time to replace and find a suitable team.

  4. Not accounting for the unexpected.

    1. Let’s face it, the babies are running the show… not us. As much as we’d love to control every aspect of their arrival, this is one circumstance that is completely out of our hands. 

    2. Going into labor early, being put on bedrest, just plain exhaustion, or crazy nesting instincts that have you sprinting through HomeGoods like a maniac… there are so many factors out of our hands. 

    3. Pad your timing (yes, even you scheduled c-section mamas! I had a c-section scheduled and my water broke one week early #themoreyouknow) so you aren’t scrambling last minute. This is all about making the experience as zen as possible for you.

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Plan to take as much time as you possibly can off of work. As much as you love your job, all will be well without you, and you will feel more confident going back with more time at home.
— Stephanie Weeks, vice president at Blackboard

5. Checking in

  • This is a slippery slope. You may think you can just “check your email” really quick while breastfeeding or healing in the hospital, but you’ve GOT TO AVOID the inbox. 

  • Seeing an email that needs tending to can fire up your brain to take action when, OMG, you’ve already got so much action occurring in your world. Avoid temptation so you don’t slip into bad habits.

Have you made any of these mistakes? I made literally all of them.

After I totally effed up my maternity leave last year, I took all my postpartum angst (and boy was there a lot of it) and started a business 😂. Biz Babysitters is a service that babysits women's business while they're on mat leave so they can 100% log off with peace of mind. We’d love to support you in your maternity leave or extended time off.

Have you ever taken a totally logged off break from you business? How did it go? Let me know in the comments!


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