How to Create a MailChimp Landing Page for Your Opt-In Freebie | Part 2 of 2

How to Create a Landing Page for your Freebie Opt-In with Mailchimp - Mailchimp Tutorial -

MailChimp is a pretty freaking amazing service that I recommend to every beginner – not just because they've got an adorable chimp as a mascot, but because they're super easy-to-use and totally free. Even the most tech-scared newbie can get a functioning email list and – spoiler alert: website – up and cruising in no time. This post is part 2 in a series on how to create a free landing page for your opt-in freebie using MailChimp, so if you missed part 1, click here to catch up on how to create the actual landing page. Today, our focus is on putting together the automated email that delivers your freebie directly to your adoring fans inbox

Now that you've got your landing page published, it's time to create the actual email that gives them the good. If you stopped at the end of part 1, when they signed up through you're landing page, they'd be added to the list, but it'd be pretty dang disappointing because they'd never receive the actual content they opted in for. Awkward...

Because we love our followers and want them over-the-moon happy with us and our content, we'd never let that happen. So, let's put it together. Here's how.



Select campaigns from the top bar and hit "Create an Email". I'm naming my campaign "lead magnet delivery", but you do you, boo. This will be an automated campaign – we want to 'set it and forget it'. When somebody signs up for this list, we want this email to automatically send out to them without you having to touch it.


Select the list you created in part one from the drop-down. Before you get going with the creation of this email, let's make sure that this workflow is set up correctly.


By default, your email will be sent one day after a subscriber joins your list... which seems like a really long time to make people wait. Go in and edit the trigger from one day to "immediately". The settings trigger when subscribers are imported. Hit "update trigger" to save this edit.

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Click "design email" to begin the process of making the actual email that they will receive when they get their freebie. Enter your subject line and preview text – it's nice to give a little personal touch here.

Select a template based on your preference. There are so many kinds, it's kind of out of control... I recommend keeping it as simple as possible.


Hover your cursor over any section you'd like to begin editing. To reorder content grab the upper left-hand corner (this will look like a little grid of circles) and start dragging.

Don't forget to hit "save" after making any changes (I know, I know.. but I just have to say it).


Start by adding a button that they can click on to get their freebie by dragging it between the header and footer. Edit the button copy if necessary and hit save and close.

Now, underneath the content tab, you can see that if they clicked this link now they'd be taken to a web address, but we want to attach a file rather than take them to a URL. To edit this, select "File" from the drop-down.

You can go to your file by just clicking upload and finding it on your desktop. Be sure to wait for it to upload (this may take a bit, depending on your file). Once you've got your button connected to your file, go ahead and hit save and close.


Go to "enter preview mode" to make sure everything is looking okay and test your button. If everything is looking great, hit the X in the upper right corner and hit "save and continue". If you're a psycho like me, double check everything again: the connection to your list, lead magnet and trigger (reminder: we want this set to "immediately"). Once you're good to go, hit next in the bottom right corner.


Head to your opt-in page to test the entire system. Submit your name and email address and let the magic happen! It might take a second, but you should automatically receive your Welcome email with a button to download your PDF freebie.

Is your head exploding? It sounds complicated, but once you get it set up, it will serve you forever.

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed, be sure to check out my video screenshare tutorial. It's especially helpful if you're a visual learner like me.

Well, how'd it go? If you have any questions, drop them in the comments here. Let's start a convo and get your marketing rockin' once and for all!


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