How to Create a Free Landing Page on MailChimp | Part 1 of 2

How to Create a Free Landing Page with Mailchimp - Mailchimp Tutorial -

Do you want a beautiful, functional landing page for your opt-in or newsletter but don't exactly have the spare cash laying around to invest in Leadpages? Most beginners start growing their email list in MailChimp and for a good reason – it’s simple, it’s free, and it looks pretty dang good. Now, you’re going to want to sit down… I’m about to drop a bomb on you. You can now create a landing page that connects directly to your email list in MailChimp. Here’ s a super quick and easy tutorial on how to create a landing page in Mailchimp fo’ free

This is an amazing tool for even the most #basic beginners (no shame in that game, BTW). MailChimp’s landing pages are totally free and totally do-able. 

Today, I’ll break down the landing page creation process step-by-step (don’t miss the screenshare video if you’re a more visual learner!). Next week, I’ll share the second part of this series, where I’ll show you exactly how to create the automated Welcome message that will send your freebie. Sound good? Good! Let’s do this.

Your landing page will be its own freestanding website that you can share with your audience to begin to grow your oh-so-valuable list. In short, they'll sign up for your list in exchange for a free download PDF.

How to get started:


This list is where every single person who signs up for your lead magnet is going to be placed. When you're done titling it (I just used "Lead Magnet"), click Save. For now, they'll be zero subscribers on that list.


Select Campaign Campaign and then landing page. This will be where you send people so they'll be able to opt-in for your freebie. Name your landing page (I called mine Freebie). Next, connect those to the list you created in Step #1 by hitting the drop down and clicking your list name. Now, just hit begin. And so the magic starts...


Within this section, you'll see a few different hover states. As you hover over a text block, you'll see a gray box in the upper left-hand corner with a little grid of circles. You can grab this to reorder your content by simply dragging it around. If you go into the little pencil icon to the left, it says edit block. By clicking that, you'll be able to edit your text on the screen that pops up to the right.

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By hovering over the form, you'll be able to edit the fields your audience will enter. By default, you'll just have the email address. I highly recommend always collecting the first name so that later on when you send emails to your list, you're able to customize and call them by their names.

As you scroll down, you'll be able to adjust the text on the button here as well.

You can also add your logo image easily by clicking the "logo block" and uploading any image from your Desktop after hitting "Replace". Be sure to hit save and close to make sure your work has been saved!


This is going to be what shows up in the browser title bar, so you want it to say something that reflects the content they're about to receive rather than just "Untitled". Then, if you want to edit the actual URL, just hit the edit button and type away!


Go over your page title, URL, and make sure it's connected to the list you want it connected to, and that you've got the content designed for your landing page. If everything looks good, hit publish and BOOM – just like that – you're live. Check your URL by clicking the link. Pretty dang easy, right?


Now that you've got your landing page published, it's time to create the actual email that's going to deliver that lead magnet. Right now if they sign up for the list, they get signed up for the list, but they aren't going to get the actual freebie they wanted... which will be a mega-bummer.

Stay tuned for my next blog post, when I'll break down the steps to creating your automated welcome email with a PDF freebie download attached.

In the meantime, let me know how this process went for you. Drop any questions in the comments, let's start a convo!


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