Why You're Losing Instagram Followers (And Why It's A Good Thing)

In my last post, I mentioned a great way to lose your mind quickly: keep close track of the number of followers you have on your Instagram account. Within 10 minutes, it will scoot up 2 or 3 and then dip down 4 or 5. In the words of the wise Backstreet Boys, “quit playin’ games with my heart.” Here are my top reason that you may be losing Instagram followers (and why it’s actually a good thing).

Why You're Losing Instagram Followers (and why it's a good thing) - Instagram Marketing Tips for 2018 - Social Media Marketing - sweatywisdom.com

1. The follow and unfollow strategy. 

Basically, someone follows you hoping that you’ll follow them back. And when you do, they unfollow you.

Kinda icky, right? But lets be real, a lot of people are using it.

2. Spam accounts are being shut down.

Chances are that you were followed by a lot of spam account. So, when they get shut down, that number dropped for you. 

You didn’t do anything wrong, it’s actually better because your engagement rate will increase.

3. People might just not be in your content anymore. 

Have you ever gotten really hardcore into something for a week or so and lost all interest later in? I think of my one month love affair with bulletproof coffee last summer. By July, I was done with it. 

And there is nothing wrong with that. The feed is really really saturated, and something that interested someone yesterday might simply not be of interest today. 

The bottom line: Share better content, less frequently.

4. There’s just too many damn people on the platform.

We’re Marie Condo-ing our feeds. It's time to clean house. 

Especially with new algorithmic adjustments, people are wondering why the heck they haven’t seen a post from “that one friend from home they know they follow” in literally a year. 

The unfollow is strong right now.

Because of this, we’re feeling the need to purge. Don’t take it personally... with over 800 million people on the platform, it’s time to get selective.

**Why This Is A Good Thing

When your number of followers drops, your level of engagement goes up.

It’s better to have 500 REAL followers who enjoy and interact with your content than 100k who don’t say a peep.

Make sense?

Go for real connections, create genuine content on a consistent basis, stick to your voice and don’t try to be like anybody else, and the right people will come. I promise. 

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Those are the reasons your follower number may be decreasing  and why you shouldn’t freak out about it.

In the comments tell me, have you seen this happening on your account too? Let’s start a convo.


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