How I'm Investing in my Business This Year – Year in Review: Part 2

Can I be real? In my last blog post, I felt like a total Debbie Downer. If you missed it, I spelled out my biggest mistake in biz in 2017. When I asked if you would rather hear about mistakes or successes in my Year in Review, over 95% of responders wanted to hear about mistakes (interesting, right?). But, to be honest, when I hit publish, I felt a resounding “wah-wah” echo through my home office. The other thing that you wanted to hear about, that wasn’t such a bummer, was what I’m investing in for 2018. So, here it is. 

The Business Investments I'm Making This Year - Full Breakdown - - Year in Review - Entrepreneurship - Female Entrepreneur - Finances - Software - Apps for Entrepreneurs

I’m breaking down all my business investments for 2018.

For me – the more specific, the better. I don’t want someone to tell me to drink a green smoothie every morning… I want them to give me the ingredient list and tell me how long it takes to make. Is this just me?

In an effort to be completely honest, here’s my detailed list of how I’m investing in my business in 2018:

Growth & Development

  1. 90 Day Year Program (biz development + coaching)

    • $1999

  2. Half Day Immersion with Reina and Co. (coaching + funnel strategy)

    • $1900

      **Mention I sent you
  3. 1:1 Mindset Intensive with Jaclyn Mellone

    • $499 (comped with 90DY enrollment)


  1. ConvertKit (email marketing)

    • $490 / year

  2. Quickbooks (finances)

    • $137.95 / year

  3. SquareSpace (web hosting) 1 commerce and 1 business site

    • $528 / year 

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  4. Asana (project management)

    • $0 / year

  5. Dubsado (automation)

    • $250 / year

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  6. Zoom (video conference)

    • $149 / year

    • $40 / month webinar add-on


  1. AM Yoga 365 Program (daily yoga + meditation practice)

    • $365 / year

  2. New Momma Mastermind (invite-only community)

    • $0 / year

  3. Sponsorship & Donations (Planned Parenthood, NPR, Rape Victim's Advocate Association, The Imperfect Boss, etc.)

    • $3000 / year

Other things will come up – I know that they will. But, from my perspective (as of this week), here’s what me and my bank account are 100% committed to. 


Did you miss the first Year In Review post in this series? Check out the biggest mistakes and where I lost money in 2017 here.

In the comments, let me know what you’re investing in this year. What do you think it is worth it? What you think is a waste? I’d love to hear your breakdown, too!


Chris Emmer

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