How to Change the Font on Your Instagram Story

Each day, over 300 million users post to their Instagram stories. Duck lips bathroom selfies, boomerangs of dogs running, perfectly curated flat lays deskscapes of trendy coffee next to trendier macarons – we’re just as flooded in our stories as we are in our feeds. One great way to break through the noise and get noticed is to start playing with new features, like Text Mode. 

How to Change the Font on an Instagram Story - Instagram Marketing – Instagram Tips and Tricks 2018 -

Here’s a step-by-step guide to playing with Instagram new Text Mode font change feature.

1. Start with a solid color background.

You can do this simply clicking the draw tool and selecting a color from the bottom toolbar. Once you’ve got your color selected, click and hold at the center of your screen until it fills with color.

2. Choose the type tool.

Click on the “Aa” in the upper right right corner and start typing.

3. Choose your alignment.

By clicking the hamburger-looking horizontal lines in the upper lefthand corner, you can switch between left, right, and center alignment.

4. Change your font.

In the center at the top of your screen, you’ll see “Classic” automatically selected. To change your font from here, simply click “Classic”. This will take you through your options:

  • Modern (uppercase san serif)

  • Neon (script with outer glow)

  • Typewriter (classic slab serif)

  • Strong (bold italic san serif)

How to Change the Font on Your Instagram Story

5. Select a background color.

If you’d like to put a background behind your text, you can do so by clicking the A in a square to the right of the alignment hamburger in the upper left and selecting a color. **Note: Modern and Neon do not have this capability.


It’s really a choose-your-own-adventure type of situation. Start playing and see what happens – there’s no wrong answer. 

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What’s worked for you on Instagram stories? What do you love to watch on other people’s stories? Let me know in the comments below!

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