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Be honest with me. Are you thirsty for that blue check mark next to your account name on Instagram? I don’t blame you – the blue check means that the account is verified and basically tells users you're legit.  When users are scrolling through their Instagram and see your account name with the verified badge next to it, they're going to know, “This person is for real. They're not messing around.” In short, it's a legitimizer. Luckily, a few days ago, Instagram rolled out a feature that allows users to request verification from them. There are only a few small things that you need for it. It's super easy and really fast and I'm going to tell you exactly how to apply for your badge today. 


You can be on either a business or personal account. And, as of right now, to apply you need to be on an iPhone, not on Android.

How to Apply for Verification on Instagram 


  1. Head to your profile.

  2. Click the hamburger (the three horizontal lines) in the upper right-hand corner.

  3. Hit Settings at the bottom.

  4. Click “Request Verification”.

  5. From here, you’ll answer a few questions, like your full name or your business name and a photo of your ID (this could be a business document, like your tax filing or article of incorporation, or if you are a person this could be your photo id, like your driver's license).

  6. Once you fill all that out, hit send. Once you hit send, boom. Your part is done.


This is where things get kind of weird. Once you apply for verification, Instagram will get back to you in an undisclosed amount of times (so that basically means nothing).

They will be using four criteria points to determine your verification.

The four criteria Instagram uses to determine verification:


1. Authentic.

Are you a real account ­­– a real person or business and not a copycat?

2. Unique.

Are you a unique account? Meaning you aren't a dog meme account (no shade to these) but an actual person or business? There can only be one verified account for each person or business.

3. Complete.

How complete is your profile? You want the entire profile filled out including a legit bio link.

4. Notable.  

Basically what it means is, are you someone or something that is searched for frequently online. The way that they'll determine this is looking for things like articles that you've been mentioned in (paid and promotional ones don't count).

Those are the four factors. Are you authentic? Unique? Is your profile complete? Are you notable? Instagram will debate on these and get back to you of whether or not you've been approved for verification.

Personally, I requested it yesterday morning. I haven't heard anything yet, but I'll let you guys know when I do!

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