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Let me guess… you are busting your ass to post between 5-15 Instagram stories per day. You're trying to keep your Instagram really active and engaged to gain more followers and get more eyes on your stories. Maybe you're also low-key burning out… when you go out to dinner with your friends, you've got your phone on the table waiting for that perfect snapshot. When you're at the beach with your family, you're too busy taking Boomerangs to enjoy the experience with your friends. But even with this constant attention to Stories, you’re not getting the visibility you wanted. Any of this sound familiar? I get it. Today, I'm going to share with you exactly how I doubled my Instagram story of viewers in the course of less than one week.


Several weeks ago, I was posting between 5-10 per day. That might not seem like a lot to you, but I've got a newborn baby, so it feels like a lot to me. To be honest, I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed with motherhood and entrepreneurship and needed a little bit of a break. So I took bold action and took a one week break from Instagram.

For one week, I posted zero stories on Instagram.

Before I logged off, I let my viewers and followers know I’d be for a week to spend time with family and that I looked forward to reconnecting with them in 7 days.


I was super delighted when I came back to find out that my Instagram story viewers, when I came back had almost doubled. The week prior (when I was busting my ass to post stories pretty much nonstop), my viewership was consistently dropping.

When I came back, it was higher than it's ever been before. It wasn't because I was posting anything more exciting (it was really pretty much just the same stuff TBH).

Here's why taking a break will reset and grow your Instagram Story visibility…

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your social media posting schedule, chances are your followers are too.

We love following people on Instagram stories, but seeing the same face over and over again can get kind of boring and make you want to tune out.

The takeaway…

If you are feeling stalled in your Instagram story viewership, take a break – take three days, take five days at, take seven days off – do whatever you gotta do to log off. You'll come back refreshed and your viewers will feel refreshed too.

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One tiny tip...

Let them know that you're going to log off ahead of time so they don't just think you disappeared into the ether. Bonus points for telling them when you’ll be back as well.

Do me a favor. When you take your break, let me know in the comments on my most recent post when your break is beginning so I can hold you accountable (

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