The Instagram Story Metric You Need to Know

The Instagram Story Metric You Need to Know | Instagram Story Tips |

Instagram stories – we all know them, we all love them, and we all know we should be using them if we want to stay relevant on Instagram. Analytics, however, can seem a little bit more nebulous. There’s a lot of them and the descriptions aren’t super clear, so our eyes tend to glaze over when we swipe up to check our story stats. To simplify it for you, there is one piece of information in particular that you should be paying attention. Today, I’m sharing the ONE Instagram Story metric you should be paying attention to.

So let me guess. You are busting your buns, posting Instagram stories all day e’eryday. Once you post, you’re going back in, swiping up, and checking out who viewed your story. You want to see who responded to your polls and who is answering your questions, but other than that, maybe not really taking away a lot of actionable information from your Instagram story analytics.

Where to find your Instagram Story Metrics:

  1. Open up your Instagram app and tap your own profile picture in the upper left hand corner to begin viewing your story.

  2. Once your story is playing, swipe up.

  3. Here, you’ll see a whole crap ton of information: interactions, discovery, impressions, navigation, and so on.

  4. If you have used an interactive feature in your story (like a poll), you’ll find your results here as well.

The number one thing to pay attention to in order to create better, more actionable stories that your audience loves and can't wait to view is…

“Next Story”.

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Here’s why…

What this tells you is when people skip ahead to the (you guessed it) next story.

In my opinion, you're looking 5% (or lower) of people tapping forward to the next story.

And, of course, that number is going to adjust a little bit just based on your own viewership and audience.

And what to do about it…

When you are going through your stories, check out that number. If there is one story in particular where the number of next story clicks is super high, take note of what was different about that story that you can avoid in the future. On the other hand, if there's one story where that number is super low, consider what you did differently in that story that you think is resonating with your audience and how can you do it again.

It’s all about getting intentional so you can work smarter, not harder. The end goal is to have successful social that doesn’t suck up all your time and attention.

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In the comments, let me know if you pay attention to your Instagram story analytics and if you have any questions. Let’s start a convo!


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