Instagram Story Hack: How to Hide Your Tags

Instagram Story Hack: How to Hide Your Tags - - Instagram Tips and Tricks, Geotags, Hashtags, Geotagging, Hashtagging, social media marketing

Let's talk about visibility for a second, shall we? We're all on social media to be visible. We're posting to our instagram feed because we want people to see it. We're posting instagram stories because we want people to see them. In general, we want more people to see them and then less, right? There is one strategy in particular that can absolutely blow up the visibility of your Instagram stories that just not enough people are using – geotags and hashtags, my friend. 


A lot of people avoid using them because they don't want to look like they're hashtagging all over their beautiful stories.

There is, however, a secret Instagram hack that allows you to add a geotag and a hashtag on your story.

No one sees it and no one knows, but you'll still reap the rewards of hashtagging and geotagging. 

Using geotags and hashtags on your Instagram stories can really maximize visibility. Today, I'm going to show you how you can add them without making your gorgeous story all cluttered up and busy. 

1. To get started, open Instagram.

2. Go ahead and click on the little camera icon to hop into story mode. Once you're in story mode, press your finger on the screen and just gently scroll up to access your camera roll.


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3. Select the photo or video you'd like to add to your story.

4. Type out your text and give it a background.

5. Tap on the button in the upper right-hand corner that looks like a happy face and click on the location option to grab a geotag.

Here, you can either type in a location or let your app automatically populate with the locations that are currently around you.

6. Now that you've got your geotag, make it a little bit smaller and drag it right behind your text color field. 

7. Bring that color block to the front by simply clicking on it.

Your geotag will still be on your story, but it will now be hidden behind your color block.

Pretty cool, huh? To do the same thing with hashtags, follow the same steps (but this time, choose hashtag rather than "location"). Type in your tag, make it small, place it behind your text.

It's nice and hidden, tucked away, and totally clean... BUT the data is still there. Add it to your story and you'll quickly see that you're getting views from those hashtags and geotags. 

So that's how you do it. Pretty freaking simple, right? There's really no reason not to be geotagging and hashtagging as often as you'd like because it's not going to make your story cluttered and it's not going to take away from your visual aesthetic. 

Do you use tags on your Instagram stories? Why or why not? Let's start a convo in the comments!


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