The Best Instagram Post Ideas

The Best Instagram Post Ideas - - Social Media Marketing, Instagram Marketing, What to Post on Instagram, How to Grow your instagram

Ever found yourself in phone-out zone-out mode? Mindlessly scrolling through your camera roll looking for something great post on Instagram? Or, even worse, scrolling through Instagram to try to find some inspiration for what post on Instagram? It feels like a dog chasing its own tail, once you start there’s really no end in sight. Luckily, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there – content creation overwhelm is no joke. It can start to feel like a monkey on your back, it’ll wear you down and exhaust you pretty quickly. Here are some no-fail ideas that will pick you back up when you’re feeling uninspired.


Disclaimer: You don’t EVER need to “push through”. If you feel like you NEED to post on Instagram 3 times a day to succeed, do yourself a HUGE favor and let this sh*t go. Seriously. I hereby give you permission. Always take a break when you need it.

These tips are for those times when you want to post or stick to some sort of schedule but just feel dried up and tapped out.


What to post when you hit a creative roadblock:


1. Check a social media holiday calendar. Find the holidays that are relevant to your biz and have some fun. Sometimes a simple prompt like these can do wonders for getting your creative juices flowing. There's a great calendar here.

2. Jump on the bandwagon with popular day of the week hashtags. By posting to these trending daily hashtags, you’ll also reach a larger audience that you might not have been able to reach before. Try these:

  •  #motivationmonday, #tuesdaytruth, #wednesdaywisdom, #thursdaythoughts, #fridayintroductions, #saturyay, #selfcaresunday

3. Find new inspiration! Ask your audience their favorite Instagrammers and freshen up your feed. Here's a follow to get you started

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4. Nerd out on analytics. What is your highest performing blog post? Break it down into a series of 4-5 posts and teach your audience something.

5. Take a break. Honestly, most people are putting WAY more pressure on themselves to post than they need to. Instagram and other platforms used to reward you for posting daily by giving you a boost in ranking. They do not anymore (thank goodness, right?). Don’t be afraid to take a break to rejuvenate yourself and your energy when you need it.

The Bottom Line:

You're not the only one who sometimes struggles with content ideas. Don't forget, you're supported and don't have to figure this all out alone.

Let me be your social media sherpa and join my private FB community, where I keep track of and break down social media news so you don’t have to.

In the comments, let me know if you’ve ever hit this point and what you did to get yourself out of your creative rut. Let’s get a convo started!


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