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Picture this. Your favorite blogger makes THE MOST perfect post; a gorgeous photo accompanied by a beautifully formatted caption. Their sentences are broken up into tiny little digestible nuggets, separated by perfectly curated emojis. It’s a longer caption, but despite its length, their engagement is insane! They’ve got tons of comments blowing up their feed. On the contrary, when you post with a caption anything longer than 4 words, you hear crickets chirping. Engagement drops off to almost zero and you’re left with a major vulnerability hangover. Sound familiar? There’s a reason for this. Today, I’m going to walk you through how to perfectly format your long-length Instagram captions so your followers actually read them.


The whole purpose of Instagram is to get your content seen, to get your captions read, and to start talking to people, right?

If a caption feels like one huge paragraph of text, our eyes tend to glaze over and we keep scrolling. When you caption your post in smaller, shorter snippets, it's much more likely to be read by your audience.

The fact of the matter is that our attention spans are just pretty much garbage. We do not want to commit to reading an entire caption if it feels super long. Moreover, Instagram users are on their phones (i.e. teeny tiny little screens) and, I don’t know about you, but I go cross-eyed when I try to go line-to-line on an iPhone, so any bit of formatting really, really helps.


Here are my top three tips on formatting Instagram captions so people actually read them:


1. Don’t write your caption in Instagram.

I write all my captions in the Notes app. I either do that on my desktop or on my phone. The best part is it that this app is totally free. If you want to include a line break in your caption in the Notes app, after you write a sentence, just type out a period or emoji (do not hit the space bar) and hit enter to take you to the next line. If you want to include another space, you can place either an emoji or a symbol to break it up, or just a simple period to give it a space. Again, don't press the space bar and just press enter once again.


2. Include your call-to-action towards the top of your caption.

The top of your caption is what most people will see (and nothing else). When people are scrolling through their feed, your caption is going to get truncated at 125 characters with a “more” button. When you click this, you’ll see the full caption. When most users are scrolling, they won’t take time to click “more”. We still want them to see your CTA, though! By putting it in the first 125 characters, the users simply scrolling by will get your CTA and be more likely to respond with a meaningful comment.


3. Use emojis to visually break up longer text.

First of all, don't use emojis if you are not an emoji type of person. I am a total emoji kinda gal, so it works for me. If you’re not, you can try a simple bullet point or period to get the same benefits while staying true to your voice. The idea here is to use emojis to break up your text visually. Even if you have just two sentences in a row, it's a great idea to include an Emoji between the two sentences to give your readers eye an anchor point. It will also tell their brains, “Hey! This isn’t a huge commitment. Hop right in.”

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To recap, we've got three tips:

  1. Use the notes app to type your captions.
  2. Place your CTA in the first 125 characters.
  3. Use emojis to visually break up your text.

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In the comments, let me know your tricks for formatting your captions. Let's start a conversation!


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