Facebook Live Best Practices for Business Owners

In April of 2016, Facebook launched FB Live and internet marketers worldwide peed their pants a little bit. Although we know we should be using it, some people (*cough cough*) avoid going live like it’s last night’s dinner dishes sitting in the sink. Here are a few best practice to set you up for success for your Facebook Lives.

Live streaming video means no second takes, no edits, no shiny filters or retouching. So why do we love it? Because live streaming video also means authenticity, it means genuine connection, it means engagement up the wazoo and… it means a major boost in your algorithmic ranking. 

So let’s get to it – here are seven ways to set yourself up for success with a Facebook Live.

1. Tease it ahead of time.

Let people know that you are going live by scheduling it at least a day or two ahead of time (see video for tutorial). When you do this, your viewership will sky rocket.

2. Invite your email list.

Along the same lines, email your list prior to the event to let them know you’ll be going live; tell them when and what they’ll learn if they join. Include the link to “get notified” on Facebook so they’ll get a warning 5 minutes ahead of time (see video for tutorial).

3. Ask for engagement from the start.

Break the ice by asking people to say hi and answer a question when they first join. Give it a minute or so to engage with those who are in their with you live.

4. Give them an itinerary.

Let your audience know what you’ll be talking about, when to expect it, and how long to expect on each topic and overall. This will put their minds at ease and stop the “oh-shit-I’m-going-to-be-stuck-here-forever” freakout.


5. Incite interaction throughout. 

The whole reason you’re doing a live is to boost engagement, so why not go whole hog? Ask specific questions and let people know exactly how to answer. For example, “Do you use Instagram stories? Type yes in the comments if you do”.

6. Invite Q & A, but be ready if there aren’t any.

Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be flooded with amazing questions in real time, but if you’re not… DON’T FEEL BAD. Remember you’ll get WAY more views on the replay than live. Avoid the awkward of not getting any Q’s in your Q & A by having 2 or 3 sample questions at hand. 

7. Imagine you’re talking to ONE person.

Avoid plural (“Hey guys!” – I’m so guilty of this, btw) and replace it with singular (“Have you noticed this?” vs. Have you guys noticed this?”). Tune out the noise and imagine your talking to one person who can’t WAIT to devour your incredibly content. 

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In the comments, let me know how you feel about doing Facebook Lives. Do you love them? Hate them? Let’s get a convo going!


Chris Emmer

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