3 Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

Does Facebook make you feel like garbage? Are you noticing that you actively feel WORSE after opening your FB app? You’re not alone. I polled a group of FB users last week and the overarching statement was that they felt irritated, overwhelmed, and overall BUMMED by their experience on the app lately. I'm all about tailoring your social media to work for you, not against you, so I want to share a tip with you that has completely flipped my FB experience upside down.


To be honest, I was ready to break up with Facebook for a while there. The only thing that kept me holding on was that, well, I run a business online about social media 😂. Instead of quitting, I decided to channel my energy into making my feed a better place.

An ENORMOUS part of this was joining FACEBOOK GROUPS. 

Since joining a handful of incredible groups, I not only enjoy hanging out on Facebook, but go to it as my first resource when having a problem or seeking advice about my business.

What is a Facebook Group anyway?

A Facebook group is a place for group communication (a.k.a. community) for those with something in common.

Groups can be anywhere on the spectrum from frivolous and silly to highly effective and career boosting. 

For example, I'm in a group for avid listeners of a comedy podcast about Bravo reality shows. I'm also in a group for highly motivated female creative entrepreneurs. 

Groups are perfect for creating and developing an engaged community. They're also a great for connecting with people who are also in the same boat as you. If you're a business owner, leading a group can be an amazing opportunity to position yourself as a leader and deep in your connection with your audience.

Here are my top 3 Facebook groups for entrepreneurs: 

1. Heart Centered Biz Bosses

This one is medium sized (over 2500 members), but the community feels tight knit. Reina goes live frequently and does mini-coaching sessions that are seriously epic. Click here to join.

2. Being Boss

This was created for their podcast listeners, but has grown like crazy (there are over 25k members now!). It’s a good place to learn more from other entrepreneurs and throw down questions. Check it out here.

3. #TheSweatySquad

Yep, that’s mine. If you’re looking for a little bit of a smaller, more intimate group with incredible members and weekly live Q&As… then look no further. I’d like to personally invite you join my group – where we’re all about positivity and having each other's backs. Join me!

In the comments, tell me YOUR favorite FB group. And, if you have one, please share it!

Chris Emmer

Graphic Designer / Branding and Social Media Strategist / Yoga + Meditation Guide / Your New BFF.

West Michigan based, small business + wellness obsessed.