5 Tips to Improve your Facebook Feed

This week, I've been finalizing my Social Media with Soul course content and couldn't help but reflect on what the heck we're actually doing on these platforms and how they're affecting us. A huuuuuuuuge part of social media strategy is getting your content in the NEWSFEED. On most platforms, an algorithmic ranking decides this. It feels kinda icky, right? I don't know about you, but I don't love the idea of an equation deciding what I get to see.


So, I think it's important to give empower us (the user) with the tools to curate our feeds. It's actually not that hard and can have a massive effect on your social media feels.  

Here are my top 5 quick tips to make your Facebook feed a happier, more zen place to be:

1. Stop "reacting" to posts with angry and sad.

A "reaction" (anything besides a Like) tells FB you care more about it, so it'll make sure you get more similar content in your feed. 

2. Purge accounts that make you feel bad.  

You might not even dislike the actual account, but if their posts popping up in your feed doesn't actively make you happier, consider unfollowing a few pages (go the page, click the "Following" dropdown, and select unfollow).

3. Do the same with personal accounts.

No one will know, but if all those political posts from your neighbor bum you out, get them out of your feed. Do so by clicking the "..." in the upper right corner of their post and selecting "See less like this."

4. Bring in the good.

Visit an account you follow that you truly love and make sure you see their posts by going to their page, click the "Following" dropdown, and select "See First".

5. Join a group.

Groups freaking rock. You're all gathered around one common cause and can form a real sense of community. If you don't know what group to join, you're more than welcome to be a part of #TheSweatySquad, my FB community all about positivity and support.

The video below has screen share tutorials on each step to make sure the tech doesn't trip you up.

Try out those tips and let me know how it goes in the comments!

P.S. If you want even MORE control of your feed – sign up for my FREE 5 day Stop Scrolling Challenge by clicking here 🚀 . 

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