The Top 5 Roadblocks Entrepreneurs Face in Social Media Marketing

Have you ever gone so deep into a creative wormhole that, one day, you suddenly realize how long it's been since you've had any outsider feedback? I experienced this last week and dug myself out by getting out of my head and into some seriously enlightening conversations. Here's what I learned from interviewing over 20 entrepreneurs over the course of three day.


The past six months, or more, I've been pouring my heart and soul into developing my very first online course. If you know me, you know that this is no small feat. Rather than work directly towards a task, I tend to creatively circle around it... grazing slowly and mindfully at each little piece as it arises.

And, so, like all creative ventures that are truly worth it, self doubt tends to creep in. Although my content has long been complete, I suddenly started feeling this unsettling QUESTION MARK popping up in the back of my head. It left me wondering if I was creating the best possible, most relevant, thorough-but-not-overwhelming, knock-your-socks-off, change-your-life-content I possibly could.

was I even making something anyone cared about at all?

Luckily, I'm a part of a wonderful Facebook group filled with fellow heart-centered entrepreneurs who have open ears and are the perfect peanut gallery for this sort of mini-meltdown. Earlier in the week, the leader of this group posted a mind-blowingly smart and simple response to a woman struggling with the same self-doubt gremlin that I was.

She suggested that the woman interview five people in her ideal audience and, rather than guessing what they might want, ask them directly.

This blew my mind. Just ask? The people? Directly??? Mind. Blown. 💥🤷‍♀️

Like a true millennial, I marched straight towards my personal Facebook page and reached out.

It went off like gangbusters; within minutes I had tons of volunteers. This lit me up – people actually wanted to talk! I decided to throw it up on Instagram, as well. 

To my shock, this exploded too. I started sending out booking links to those who preferred phone conversations and emails to the ones wanting email communication. The next thing I knew I was three days and over 20 interviews deep.

Most of what I heard was incredibly confirming. These people have a problem that needs to be solved. Simple as that.

Here's what I heard:

  1. “I want the right information, not more information."

    • What it means: Don't include everything you've ever learned when you're educating me on a topic. Give me what you KNOW works and nothing else. I'm overwhelmed by too much content.

  2. "I'm trying to wear all the hats, but feeling like not all of them fit.”

    • What it means: I'm talented in my areas of expertise, but this area isn't marketing. I'm frustrated and feel incompetent. Entrepreneurship is overwhelming. I need someone I can have a conversation with about these new territories, not a PDF that leaves me high and dry.

  3. "Anything that feels too schmoozy or designed to try to get people to do something feels slimey."

    • What it means: I place a high value on authenticity and showing up in a really real way. I fear feeling foolish by putting myself out there and being judged as a salesman. I want to see engagement and sales, but I want to BE ME.

  4. "I know I should be on social, but I have no idea why."

    • What it means: I hear the buzz about social media, so I feel guilt for not posting. I don't understand the purpose and have no true strategy driving my content; therefore, I'm seeing little to no growth.

  5. "I'm exhausted. I stay up at night worrying and checking my phone."

    • What it means: My lack of a social growth strategy is actively effecting my well-being. I'm online too much, I'm not sleeping enough, and I fear I've lost my spark.

Phew! That's some real talk.

At the end of my week, I sat down and put together a three-step plan to most effectively help these incredible entrepreneurs with their roadblocks. 

Step one starts with my FREE 5-day Digital Detox for Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs Who Can't Stop Scrolling CHALLENGE.

In this program, we'll work together on cutting back the mindless scrolling with one small practice per day. Join us by signing up at the link below!

This was truly the reset that I needed. After these free-flowing, personal conversations. I'm back on track and cannot wait to get my course launched and start to address some of these problems and give people thriving and feeling confident.

Finally, it was a great reminder that, although we may be working from separate home offices scattered around the world, we're all in this together. 

PS Stay tuned for steps two and three to combat entrepreneurial overwhelm by signing up for my mailing list here.

Have you ever experienced these feelings? How did you overcome them? Let me know in the comments below.

Chris Emmer

Graphic Designer / Branding and Social Media Strategist / Yoga + Meditation Guide / Your New BFF.

West Michigan based, small business + wellness obsessed.