New Moon Practices + Intentions: Free Workbook

The mark of a new moon provides a powerful opportunity to reflect on you'd like to cultivate in your life and re-align accordingly. Seeding an intention as the moon is completely empty and ready to begin again allows your intentions to grow as the new moon grows. The good news is you don't have to re-enact a scene from The Craft to participate (but if that's your bag, please do). There are a few simple, short practices you can incorporate in your day to get really intentional and start bringing all that good-good you've been dreaming of into your life.


What is a new moon and why should I care?

A moon cycle last about one month, there are 29.5 days between the new moon and the new moon. Within this month cycle, there are eight phases. These phases can be broken down into both yin and yang.

In western culture, we’re predominantly yang addicts. Yang is the go-go-go, work-hard-play-hard, fiery energy that drives us to stay on our laptops working until 2am when we know damn well we should be fast asleep. On the flip side, we have yin. Yin is relaxed, restorative, introverted, and sacred (and equally important to our well-being).

Personally, I'm interested in moon cycles because they help me shed yin guilt and remind me to slow down. It’s also a badass excuse for reflection and selfcare - and who the hell doesn't want that.

Why set an intention at the new moon?

The new moon is a great time to check in with yourself and what you want out of life. It's perfect for bringing in abundance (creativity, friendship, romance, career, etc.) or setting an intention for the qualities you’d like to cultivate (compassion, kindness, etc). 

Another fun practice? Use the new moon as a checkpoint to shed what isn’t serving you. My fave way to do this is literally write it down on a piece of paper and light that sh*t on fire. Less dramatic tactics include simply crumpling it up or flushing it down the toilet. The purpose is to visually witness it go away – boy, bye.

The idea here is to get really clear on your intention before we launch into action. We set our intention at the new moon and spend the moon cycle, the next 30 days, taking care of it.

In ancient cultures, the new moon represented fertility and growth. Seeds were planted in the new moon. In the same spirit, we can set a really intentional purpose to plant the figurative seeds we want to grow in our lives.

How to do it

This evening, set aside even just five minutes aside for sitting in a quiet, intentional seat. During this time, simply focus on your breathing. Your inner guide may drop some knowledge on you – and maybe not – but, either way, you’ll come out feeling more clear and calm. After meditation is a great time to work through your intentions and seed planting.

If you're like me and enjoy a bit of structure surrounding your practices, download this free new moon intention setting worksheet below.

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How did it go for you? What are you looking forward to cultivating this month? Let me know if the comments below!

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