How to Ship Online Products from Home: Eight Easy Steps

Holiday season is not only my favorite time of year, but also – hands down – the busiest time for my Etsy shop. At least 75% of my annual sales occur between November and December, so it’s important to get my game ON POINT by late October so I am ready for the rush.

For me, this means loading up on not only inventory, but also shipping supplies. On my must-have list are:

Occasionally, I receive an order that requires a custom-made box. Since mugs are so fragile, a secure box-fit makes the difference between a customer receiving a scary box filled with shattered ceramic and an adorable gift. Follow these steps to create a custom-fit box that will give your product a nice hug and protect all the way to your customer’s doorstep.


  • Compare box size to product size. In this circumstance, you’ll see my box is approximately 4 inches too wide to fit my mug.

  • Round up all of your materials and have them within reach.

  • Open up your box so it lays flat as one large piece of cardboard. Mark up the cardboard with measurements to exact size, get out your extra-strong Scotch™ Brand Titanium Scissors, and follow the lines.

  • Measure and wrap. Place mug on bubble wrap and roll out enough to wrap around three times. As if you’re swaddling your little baby, wrap your mug securely. Start the roll by tucking extra material under the handle (this is the most fragile spot).

  • The bubble wrap needs to hold tight to your product to ensure its safe arrival – and it needs to be sure to make your customer feel like they’re opening a gift. I like to add a personal touch by using a little expressions tape to hold it secure (Scotch® Expressions Packaging Tape).

  • Pack and tape. Take one last peek inside before sealing. I include a personal note with links to my social media and ways to contact me in case anything went wrong. SW is fueled by feedback, so I try to keep the customer communication wide open.

  • Finally, the most important step – taping. If you’re going to skimp on materials, I recommend not doing so here. After trying a few cheaper options, I rely on Scotch® Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape to literally keep my business together.

  • Now that your package is secure, make it feel extra special, by wrapping several times with Baker’s twine and securing a Sweaty Wisdom Gift Tag with personal note.


Voila. You did it! Spank that package on the bottom and send it on its way.

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Questions about shipping? How do you send out your online product? Let me know below!