Creative Entrepreneur's Guide to Plagiarism

When another small business rips off your design, it feels gross – but in a we-all-are-struggling complicated sisterhood way. However, when you find your exact design on Urban Outfitters – it’s just straight up LAME.

So, what can we do? We can get mad and rant – but that doesn’t do anything except take away from our current happiness. We want to take action and fight back – so it’s tempting to rally around a big Internet mob-style takedown. But, let’s be honest, big corporations like this will just keep doing what they do – ripping off original artwork by small businesses.

I’m certainly not one for bullying or, moreover, wasting our good energy on a negative cause.

So – here’s what I’m going to do: get more mindful of where I spend my money. More local businesses and independent makers. Less UOs and Walmarts. Who’s with me?

Urban Outfitters can do a lot of things I cannot: reach a huge market, mass produce at a very low cost, market their new products to an enormous audience of captive listeners.

But, guess what? I can do a lot they cannot: have personal relationships with my clients, hear stories about their friend struggling with a bad breakup that they are buying a gift for, create custom products for their bridal parties. I can donate to causes I believe in like Planned Parenthood and NPR. I can think of a stupid new product idea and ask my audience before I try it out.

In CELEBRATION of what I can do, I’m having a SALE in my shop today. Please use coupon code: CLAPBACK for 10% off all orders.


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