Four Step Beginner's Guide to Easy Meditation

You don’t have to be sitting on an Instagram-worthy beach at sunset or rocking a full lotus pose to experience the benefits of meditation. In fact, you deserve to feel good (yes, you) right where you are (yes, there) in your exact body (yes, that one) right now (yup, now).

If you can breathe, you can meditate. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, just start. Here’s how.

1. Turn your phone off. Or at least put it across the room, in your zipped up purse, or somewhere you can’t be sucked into the Facebook abyss.

2. Simplify your senses. Close your eyes. Turn off sound or pop in ear buds. If you’re on the subway and feeling awkward, just cast your eyes down and in front of you. Let them set on one spot that’s not moving. Laser beam focus. 

3. Take a big old breath in (OMG, you’re doing it). Pause at the top. Open your mouth and sigh it out. This is just to clear out the junk—tension, worries, judgements, whatever’s stuck between you and your inner awesome. Do this two or three (or 20) times—however many you need to start feeling like you’ve got some space.

4. Start paying attention to the natural rhythm of your breath, noticing your belly and chest expanding and deflating with each inhale and exhale. Imagine the in-breaths bringing in whatever you need (calm, confidence, superhero strength) and the out-breaths taking out what you don’t (ex-boyfriends, body judgements, anxieties). 

Guess what? You’re doing it. You’ve transformed yourself into a self-sustaining, one-man (or woman) magic machine. 

**Warning: You may need to keep a notebook by your side for all the brilliance and creativity you find bubbling up. Your inner badass has some really, really good ideas she wants you to hear. Listen.

Try doing this for 5 minutes everyday for a week and pay attention to any changes you notice. 

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