Morning Rituals for Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs: Less Than 30 Minutes

The first hour you’re awake sets the tone for the rest of your day. Here’s a short morning routine for people who need to get calm, get happy and get going.


Anyone who knows me knows I’m big on morning ritual. One of my favorite questions to ask people is – tell me about your breakfast. Weird? Yup. Interesting? Absolutely.

It’s an understatement to say I’ve been all over the map. I’ve been the annoying 6:00 am front-row-of-spin-class devotée, a sunrise jogger, someone who stays at work until tomorrow’s employees show up… hell – there was a point in time when I made myself eggs benedict from scratch everyday (because #treatyourself).

Here’s what I’ve found to work best for me. And, best of all, it takes less than 30 minutes:

  1. Hot lemon water. I keep a baggie of lemon slices in the fridge. When I get up, I just put a kettle of water on the stovetop and pour warm water over a few lemon slices (1 minute).

  2. Walk the pup. Not because it makes me zen, but because it just plain old needs to be done. My lab has gotta poop – and I respect that. To make sure she doesn’t disrupt my “me” time… I take care of this first. Getting outside and my blood moving while sipping lemon water actually makes me feel good – even if I go begrudgingly (10 minutes).

  3. Move. Ahhhh, finally. I do five minutes of easy movement just to open up everything that’s still tight from sleep. I’m hard-pressed to find a yoga sequence that feels as opening, relaxing, and rejuvenating as this one (7 minutes).

  4. Meditate. Now that my body feels good, it’s a little easier to be still. My friends at AM Yoga have a great, short guided meditation here (5 minutes).

  5. Caffeinate. All the coffee (… as long as you dang well please).

Oh, most importantly, final step: slay (all day).

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What’s your morning ritual? Let me know below!