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The Sweaty Story

Sweaty Wisdom began slowly, organically, and slightly sheepishly in February of 2013, when I began deepening my practice and becoming more involved in my local yoga community. The catalysts for my steamy hot yoga love affair were these A-HA! moments that would bubble up while really sweating my arse off in the middle of a particularly annoying half-moon or never-ending chair pose. To move past the four-letters words and self doubt in my head, I began mentally repeating phrases – whether they came from the theme of the practice or wherever my mind wandered to that day. These thoughts really resonated with me – so after practice, I would run to my car and jot them down in a crumpled up notepad I kept in my glove compartment. 

Finally, I thought, "Hey, if these mean something to you, maybe they'll mean something to other people too." So I started a blog (www.tumblr.com/blog/sweatywisdom), as a dumping ground for these thoughts, where I would post phrases in simple typographic layouts, as I'm a graphic designer by trade.  In the beginning, I kept it a secret because I wasn't sure how it would be perceived –  but after a little bit of positive feedback (thanks, Internet!), I realized it was selfish to not share. 

After gaining a little bit of traction of Tumblr, I printed a few notecards. Then someone reached out asking for a mug, so I made that, too. Sweaty Wisdom is the product of a lot of listening – so please, keep talking to me. I've found that collaboration, wisdom, and authenticity are what works best... and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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